1. Prepare the Windows server

Our recommendation is that the three components of an Axiell Collections on-premises solution are installed on a Windows Server.

Note: A PC running a Windows operating system such as Windows 10 may be sufficient for organizations with a small user base. If you need advice, please speak to your Axiell Support representative.

To prepare the Windows server to run Axiell Collections, it is necessary to set up Internet Information Services (IIS) and the .NET Framework.

Minimum and recommended requirements for the server

Please consult Axiell Collections Technical Specifications and Architecture for details about minimum requirements, including disk space.

Axiell Collections is installed on a computer running any Windows Server or Windows operating system currently supported by Microsoft. It is recommended that the Windows server is in an Active Directory domain. If this is not possible, the Axiell Collections web service, Collections application and database server can be installed in a peer-to-peer network within a workgroup.

Set up the server for IIS and the .NET Framework

Ensure that IIS and the .NET Framework are installed on the server (version details above).

Three settings must be enabled:

  • IIS Management Console
  • (IIS) Management Service
  • HTTP Activation

How you enable these settings will depend on the version of the Windows operating system installed. Although it is not possible to document all methods here, the following steps should point you in the right direction:

When IIS is enabled you will have access to the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager: