View changes to a record and restore a field to an earlier value

Collections can be configured to maintain a history of changes to every field in a record. If it is then necessary to restore a field to an earlier value, authorized users can view the record history and restore the earlier value. When this functionality is available in your system and you are authorized to use it:

  • The Record history button will display in the Result set View toolbar.

    Select the button to display the Record History box listing fields in the current recordClosed The record currently displayed in Record details View or highlighted (with a solid grey background) in Result set View or Gallery View for instance., the date and time of any changes to a field, the name of the user responsible for the change, and details of the old and new value(s).

  • When a field is right-clicked in Result set View or Record details View (in fact anywhere it is possible to edit a field) the context menu that pops up will include a History option.

    This option provides the same details as the Record History box (described below) but for the selected field only.

In the Record History box we view the record history for the current recordClosed or field if we right-clicked a field in Result set View or Record details View and selected History in the context menu:

Authorized users can restore an earlier value to a field: