How to delete records

Authorized users can delete records using the Delete record(s) button in the Result set View toolbar.


It is possible to delete the current recordClosed The record currently displayed in Record details View or highlighted (with a solid grey background) in Result set View or Gallery View for instance. or to mark one or more records and delete them:

  1. Click the record to delete in Result set View or markClosed Marking a record means selecting it by adding a tick to the record's checkbox in Result set View or Gallery View, and in Record Details View from Collections 1.15 onwards. One or more records can be marked and then actioned in some way (e.g. printed). one or more records to delete.
  2. Select Delete record(s) in the Result set View toolbar.

    The Delete record(s) box will display:

    Delete record(s)

    • If you marked records, the Marked radio button will be selected and the number of records marked will be indicated.
    • If you did not mark records, the Current radio button will be selected.
  3. To delete the record(s), select Delete


    Select Cancel to cancel the deletion and close the Delete record(s) box.

    Progress of the deletion will display, e.g.:

    Note: You can end the deletion part way by clicking the X beside the progress bar. Any records processed prior to ending the deletion will have been deleted; all others will remain.

    A summary will display indicating:

    • The number of records marked for deletion (1 if only the current record was deleted).
    • The number of records processed for deletion.
    • The number of records deleted (this will be different to the previous number if you cancelled the deletion before it completed or chose not to delete linked records).

    Delete record(s) summary

  4. Select Close to close the Delete record(s) summary box.