The Collections Model Application

As we have seen, an Axiell Collections implementation comprises two main components: a Model Application and the Axiell Collections software. The Model Application is the collections management heart of Axiell Collections and it is available in a range of configurations for different types of organization (Archive, Library, Museum).

What distinguishes these configurations of the Model Application is the set of data sourcesClosed The management of a collection can involve a vast amount of information about objects / items / books, people and organizations, events, administration and more. This information is stored as records in data sources. Each data source stores a specific type of information: details about collection items, people, events, loans, and so on. available in each. The collection management needs of museums differ from those of film institutes, which differ again from archives and libraries, and different sets of data sources are provided for these different types of collection (starting with specialized catalogues: Moving image catalogue, Object catalogue, Archives catalogue, Library catalogue, and so on). In short, the data sources available to you will depend on the version and flavour of the Model Application implemented for your organization.

There is more to the Model Application than data sources however, and details about the current and earlier versions can be found here:

Details about older Model Applications are provided below, but note that these documents were intended for the Adlib collections management system, the desktop precursor to Axiell Collections: