When recording details about items in your collection, there will be situations where one field or group of fields is inadequate for capturing all available details. For instance, a book can have more than one author, an object can have more than one creator, but you will find that a new record in Books has only one Author field by default:

To accommodate the need for additional instances of a field, some are configured to be repeatable:

Each instance of a field in Collections is called an occurrence: a field that is not repeatable, has a single occurrence; a field that is repeatable can have multiple occurrences.

In the example above, you will see that Author was not the only field that was repeated: another occurrence of the Role field was also added to the record. When a field is configured to be repeatable, it can also be assigned to a group. In this case the group is called Author and it includes two fields:

  • author.name (ya)
  • author.role (yb)

When a new occurrence is added for any one of the fields in a group, all fields in the group are repeated.

In the following example, a group called Production in the Object catalogue has five fields:

  • Creator (creator (VV))
  • Role (creator.role (FU))
  • Qualifier (creator.qualifier (KW))
  • Place (production.place (VP))
  • Production notes (production.notes (V1))

When we add an occurrence of any one of these fields, all five members of the Production group are repeated:


The Repeatable and Member of group properties are specified by your Application Administrator in the Collections data dictionary using Axiell DesignerClosed An application for administration and customization of Axiell Collections. Amongst other things, field labels, tooltips, values in drop lists, etc. are specified and translated in Designer.. If you are curious about what this looks like in the Collections back-end, take a look:

You can find out if a field has been configured to be repeatable and, if so, whether it is a member of a group, by checking a field's properties in the Field properties box (in Display or Edit modeClosed A record is either in Display mode (we view its details) or Edit mode (we add or edit its details). A record enters Edit mode as soon as we create a new record, copy a record in Record details View or edit an existing record.: right-click a field and select Properties from the context menu).


  • The Search and replace tool can be used to add and to remove occurrences to multiple records simultaneously.

  • With the count function6 it is possible to search for records based on the number of occurrences of a field; for example, it is possible to find all object records with more than one creator or with more than one image reference or with exactly two object names. Details here.