The Axiell Collections Help

Our aim with this Help is to document the functionality available in Axiell Collections and to demonstrate how to use it. For the most part we do not advise you how to document a collection. Our software is designed to assist collections professionals to document their items and processes according to the world's best cataloguing standards, and we believe that you know better than we do how to document your own organization's collection.

However, we appreciate that some users may benefit from advice about what data to enter when documenting collection items and processes, and to that end we provide a supplementary How do I...? section.

The Axiell Collections Online Help is a modern, responsive website designed to adapt to the device on which it is viewed. A side menu simplifies navigation and provides context for the current page (on small devices the menu is hidden and slides out as required); discoverability is facilitated through a powerful search utility.

Note: Although the Help can be viewed on a device with a small screen, Axiell Collections itself is designed to be viewed on a desktop monitor and many of the screenshots in the Help capture a desktop display of Collections; some of the detail in these images may be difficult to see on a small screen.


Most pages in this Help include an option at the bottom of the page to provide feedback. If a page contains errors of any sort, is unclear, or you have additional details that could benefit other users, please help us improve it by using the feedback option.

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