Working in the Collections interface (and making it work for you)

Although the Collections interface may seem daunting at first glance, with many buttons and menu options and different ways of viewing your records, you will quickly find that working with records in different Display Views is intuitive, and identifying the purpose of buttons and menu options is only a tooltip away.

This section of the Help aims to:

  • Familiarize you with the Collections interface and make you comfortable with working in it.

  • Arm you with keyboard shortcuts to many common tasks and show you where to get help on-the-fly in tooltips.

  • Demonstrate how you can make the interface work for you and, how to customize it.

Users can customize Collections in two ways:

  • The information that displays in a View. As this is covered in detail elsewhere, we only touch on it here:
  • The look and feel of the Collections interface, adapting it to suit the screen real estate at your disposal and your own work preferences.

A feature of Collections is the ability to view records in multiple ways simultaneously. For example, you can:

Each of these Views opens in its own pane within the Axiell Collections Window. While it can be useful to work with records in more than one View, the more Views you have open, the less information will be visible in each View as they compete for space. Five Views are open in this example and the Axiell Collections Window is so crowded that some field labels, data and Help text is unreadable:

Crowded Window

The simplest solution, of course, is to close any Views you do not need: click an active button in the Toolbar to close a View.

If you find that a field label remains partially visible after closing Views, hover the cursor over the field label and a tooltip will display the full label:

Reveal hidden field label

Tip: If you are looking for more in-depth information about a field, use Help View.

Other ways to make space and customize the user interface to suit your needs and the size of screen you are working with:

Most of these changes to the layout are forgotten when you log out of Collections: when you log back in, Views that were detached will display within the main Collections Window, and resized panes will return to their original size.

One other change that you can make to the user interface is to the size of text in the Axiell Collections Window. As a browser-based application, text size in Collections is a browser setting: