On-premises installation of Axiell Collections

An on-premises installation of Axiell Collections requires three components to be installed separately and in the following order on a Windows server:

  1. A database - Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Express with SQL Server Management Studio

    Installing the SQL database on the server is typically the responsibility of the customer. Axiell can provide advice and assistance as required.

  2. The Collections Model Application

    This is the collections management heart of Axiell Collections. Different models of the Collections application are available for different types of collection:

    • archive
    • library
    • museum

    and for combinations of collection types:

    • archive+library
    • archive+museum
    • library+museum

    The XPlus variant is designed for organizations with all three types of collection:

    • archive+library+museum

    Typically, an organization deploys a single Collections application with a single database.

    Alongside the Collections application we install the Axiell Designer utility where much of the administration of Axiell Collections is performed.

    Note: When upgrading Adlib for Windows to Axiell Collections, the database will already be installed and the existing Adlib application is the Collections application (although it may be necessary to update the Adlib application to make it Axiell Collections ready). In this case it is only necessary to install the Axiell Collections software.

  3. The Axiell Collections software

    The Axiell Collections software is deployed in IIS (Internet Information Services) as the Axiell Collections web service; it includes configuration files that point to the Collections application and database. Broadly speaking, the Axiell Collections software is the user interface to the collections data. It is the tools and functionality used to manage collections data.

Why separate the Axiell Collections Model application and Axiell Collections software?

Separation of the Collections application from the Axiell Collections core software ensures that each component can be updated and upgraded independently:

  • New versions of the Axiell Collections software are made available fairly regularly and the update is straightforward and is typically performed by the customer.
  • Updating the Collections application is less frequent, more complex and typically performed by Axiell staff.

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