Update Adlib to Axiell Collections

In order to run Axiell Collections on an existing Adlib application (4.5.1 or older), it is necessary to make the Adlib application Collections-ready.

To make the Adlib application Collections-ready:

  1. Create a backup of your Adlib files and SQL database!

    Backup all your Adlib files and SQL database before changing your application or database structures.

  2. Run the application tester tool found within Designer

    Check the application for issues that should be corrected by selecting Tools>Application tester in Axiell Designer.

  3. Run ConvertInternalLinks (old applications)

    Tool designed to convert the structure and contents of fields internally linked on value (as was the case in Adlib model applications older than version 4.5.2a) in one or more tables in your Adlib SQL database to fields internally linked on reference. If you have an Adlib application 4.5.2a or higher, skip this step as your internally linked fields are already linked on reference.