Display and navigate records

In Axiell Collections we work with records in one or more Views, each of which displays in its own pane within the main Collections Window (some panes can be detached and viewed in a separate window). Each View has a different purpose (Help View provides data entry instructions) or provides a different way of viewing the data in your records. The current recordClosed The record currently displayed in Record details View or highlighted (with a solid grey background) in Result set View or Gallery View for instance. is always synchronized between Views: the current record in Result set View is the record displaying in Record details View: selecting a record in one View makes it the current record in every View.

When describing each View in this section we look at how to view record details in that View and how to navigate through listed records. Here we provide a quick overview.

A useful combination of Views is Result set View alongside Record details View: the current record is always the same in each View, so as you move from one record to another in Result set View (by clicking a record or using the Record navigation buttons in the top Toolbar), all available details for the current record display in Record details View.

Following a search or when more than one record has been added or imported, records can be displayed in one or more Views. It is possible to move through the list of records using the Record navigation buttons or their keyboard shortcut:

Record Button Keyboard shortcut Description



Move to the first record in the current list of records.



Move to the previous record in the current list of records.



Move to the next record in the current list of records.



Move to the last record in the current list of records.