Gallery View

Similar to Result set View, Gallery View lists records returned by a search; retrieved from a saved search; newly created; following the import of records, and so on. In fact, the same set of records display in both Views.

Gallery View is displayed / hidden by selecting its button in the top Toolbar. This View displays thumbnail images from the listed records. A frame displays for every record listed with a thumbnail for an image linked to the record, along with some record data (the record number by default):

Gallery and Record details Views

A useful combination of Views is Gallery View alongside Record details View: the current recordClosed The record currently displayed in Record details View or highlighted (with a solid grey background) in Result set View or Gallery View for instance. is always the same in each View, so as you move from one record to another in Gallery View (by clicking a record or using the Record navigation buttons in the top Toolbar), all available details for the current record will display in Record details View.

Note: Gallery View cannot be detached from the main Axiell Collections Window.

The Gallery View toolbar

The Gallery View toolbar sits below the top Toolbar and contains functions for processing and interacting with records listed in this View:

Gallery View toolbar


  • Some of these functions may not be available in your system, or you may not be authorized to use them (speak to your Application Administrator if you require access to these functions).
  • Some options will be inactive until one or more records are marked (checked).
Option Icon Details


Perform a simple search in the current data sourceClosed The management of a collection can involve a vast amount of information about objects / items / books, people and organizations, events, administration and more. This information is stored as records in data sources. Each data source stores a specific type of information: details about collection items, people, events, loans, and so on..

Everything you need to know about searching in Axiell Collections (including how to use wildcards) can be found here.

Mark all records

Add a tick to the checkbox in all frames (across all pages). Marked records can then be stored as a record group (aka a Write set) or printed.

Marking a record in Gallery View marks it in Result set View and Record details View.

Clear all marks

Remove the tick from all checkboxes in all frames (across all pages).

Toggle marks

Select this option to toggle the checkbox mark from marked to unmarked and vice versa for all records listed in both Result set View and Gallery View.

Write set

Save records currently listed in Result set View (and Gallery View) as a group.

It is possible to save all records listed or just marked records. If records currently listed were returned by a search, the search term(s) used to generate the record set can be saved, and the search subsequently re-run.

See Group records: Write set & Manage saved searches for details.

Manage saved searches

Manage saved searches

Restore a group of records saved with Write set or re-run the search that generated the group of records saved with Write set. Depending on your system, it may be possible to schedule a saved search (a Write-set) to run automatically and print or email the result of the search.

See Group records: Write set & Manage saved searches for details.



Specify the size of image thumbnails in Gallery View. Five relative sizes are available:

Any change you make is associated with your user account and recalled by Collections whenever you log in.