How to link records: using the drop list

Records can be linked one at a time or in bulk:

If you know which record to link to, and it already exists in the target data sourceClosed A link is made from a record in one data source (primary) to a record in another data source (target). A data source could be both the primary and target data source in a linking relationship if one of its records links to another of its records., linking two records can be as simple as selecting a value in a Linked fieldClosed A type of field used to link one record to another. A Linked field is a drop list of values (records that the field can link to). When a link is made, the field stores a reference to the linked record (a linkref). drop list.

In this example, a record for an object in the Object catalogue will be linked to the record for its creator in Persons and institutions by selecting a name from the Creator drop list:

More details

If the record you want to link to is not listed, or you need more detail about a value in the drop list, or you need to add a new record and link to it, you use the Find data for the field box.