Report viewer

The Report viewer button is available in the top Toolbar when one or more reports have been defined for the current data sourceClosed The management of a collection can involve a vast amount of information about objects / items / books, people and organizations, events, administration and more. This information is stored as records in data sources. Each data source stores a specific type of information: details about collection items, people, events, loans, and so on.: if the button does not display, no reports have been defined for the current data source. By default, Report viewer opens in the main Collections window but it can be detached and viewed in a separate window.

In Collections, a report is an alternative display view of the current recordClosed The record currently displayed in Record details View or highlighted (with a solid grey background) in Result set View or Gallery View for instance.. More than one report can be available in a data source, each one designed for a particular reporting purpose, and to that end a report includes a specific subset of fields: a report is a template designed (by Axiell or your Application Administrator) to layout and display data drawn from the current record for a specific reporting purpose.

If more than one report is available, selection can be made from a drop list in the top right of the Report viewer pane:

Report viewer

In the example above, the Object details report presents select data from a record in the Objects data source, including identification, production and accession details, a description and image. The Objects list report is a concise report from the same data source:

Objects list report

Here we see a standard report (this time from Persons and institutions) showing all fields containing data:

All field overview

If you wanted to print any of these reports, you would select Print in the top Toolbar.

Print a report

Although it is not possible to print a report from the Report viewer itself, all reports are also available from the Output formats box, which is accessed by selecting Print in the top Toolbar. From here, one or more records can be printed using the selected report template.

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