How to add, edit and save records

New records can be created in a number of ways in Axiell Collections:

Here we describe how to create a single record from scratch in Record details View.

Tip: We step through the creation of different types of records in the How do I...? section of this Help.

If you have just created a record, it will be open in Record details View and ready for data entry.

If you want to edit the current record in Record details View:

  1. Select Edit Edit in the Record details View toolbar.

    The record will open in Edit modeClosed A record is either in Display mode (we view its details) or Edit mode (we add or edit its details). A record enters Edit mode as soon as we create a new record, copy a record in Record details View or edit an existing record..

Tip: Limited record editing is also available in Result set View.

When you have created a new record or edited an existing record, save it: